Doctor’s Brilliant Idea Fixes Neck Pain Effectively - Fair Credit Only

This doctor's brilliant idea is helping people fix their achy, stiff necks at home!

"Relieve stress and neck pain with this ingenious device - even if nothing else worked..."

by Michael Finley| June 7th, 2020 | Health & Wellness

Until a couple of weeks ago, the last 16 years of my life have been defined by one word: Hurt.

Sitting down hurt. Bending over hurt. Turning my neck hurt. I was losing sleep. My irritation was destroying my personal relationships. Every single day was filled with pain.

Does that sound at all familiar?

Maybe you don’t have the extreme issues I did, but I bet you’ve had some version of them. Most of all, you know how much neck pain can decrease the quality of your life.

My story started with becoming an accountant at a large corporation many years ago. The pay was good and I was excited to build my career, but soon, I started to have issues. They crept up at first: A small amount of pain in my neck, one sleepless night a month, and poor mobility.

Then, my problems began taking over my life. Work became extremely stressful, the years of bending over a computer screen caught up with me, and my pain went to levels that most people will never experience in their entire lives.

Naturally, I went to my doctor to see if he had an answer… He didn’t.

My life was turning into a nightmare. Daily discomfort, terrible mood swings, a struggling family, and a medical recommendation that was basically “poison your body with pills, numb the pain, and be broken for the rest of your life”.

Just when I was about to give up, an old friend of mine called. We caught up, then the conversation drifted towards my issues.

He made a strange recommendation that I barely took seriously at first:

Using this weird device called the “Neck Hammock”.

After resisting at first, him following up and bothering me about it, and a quick online purchase, I decided to finally give it a try.

I really didn’t think it would work, but then, magically, it did. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that this was the best decision of my life.

It has truly changed everything, and I’ll never stop being thankful for this discovery.

What is it?

Neck Hammock is a portable traction device designed to relieve stubborn neck, back, and shoulder pain. 

It was invented by a world-class chiropractor with years of experience in relieving neck and back pain.

The Neck Hammock hooks on to your door handle, rail or hook – meaning you can use it at home, work, the gym… literally anywhere with a door!

Once I hang it from the door handle, I rest my head in the sleeve so my head hangs slightly above the floor as I lay a foot or two away from the door.

After a couple of deep breaths I can feel the tension in my neck, back and shoulders start to melt away as I relax – it’s AMAZING.

In fact, it’s so soothing that sometimes that I start to drift off to sleep!

How Does it Work?

Think of it this way… your chiropractor lays you on the table so he can hold your head in her hands and gently pull on it.

This ‘traction’ to your neck provides immediate tension relief in all the right areas.

Neck Hammock does EXACTLY the same thing – at a fraction of the cost.

The power of the Neck Hammock lies in a powerful treatment called cervical traction and its magic is in its simplicity of design.

Unlike other mechanical or air-pressurized traction contraptions, Neck Hammock uses your own body weight and gravity to instantly start relieving your neck pain.

All you have to do to use it is:

  1. 1
    Hook the end of the strap around a door handle
  2. 2
    Lay down on the floor or a mat
  3. 3
    Move far enough away from the door to get the stretch you want

This makes it really easy to use from home. There are no complicated wall anchors and nothing to screw in or nail down. Because Neck Hammock hangs from your door-handle you can set it up or pack it away in seconds.

Who Can Benefit From the Neck Hammock?

Just about anyone who has neck discomfort or just likes a good massage! This device is also recommended for athletes who need to recover quickly. In fact, several professional fighters have given glowing reviews about the product.

You can benefit from the Neck Hammock if you suffer from:

☑️ Stiff neck

☑️ Headaches

☑️ Body aches

☑️ Continuous tiredness

☑️ Trouble with gripping or lifting objects

☑️ Sore muscles after a gym workout

What Makes Neck Hammock So Unique?

  • Scientifically proven — Decades of research confirms the benefits of cervical traction
  • Use it anytime, anywhere — The Neck Hammock can wrap around any door, railing, or pole — giving you the flexibility to use after a long flight in the hotel room, on a yoga mat on the beach, or after a stressful day of work in the comfort of your own bedroom
  • Relief in minutes — All it takes is 10 - 15 minutes a day to properly stretch your neck and relieve your tension! If your neck is in really bad shape, use it 2 – 3X a day for 15 minutes at a time.
  • Melts away stress and anxiety — Customers report that The Neck Hammock is so relaxing, you’ll have to try not to fall asleep while using it.
  • Perfect for travel — Easily stores in your luggage when traveling, or simply place in your dresser when you’re done at home. Hand washable, one size fits all.

Questions and Answers about Neck Hammock

Q: Does Neck Hammock require batteries or any other equipment?
No, you only need the Neck Hammock and a door knob to hang it on - that’s it!

Q: How much time does a session take?

Sessions can last as little a as a few minutes. Feel free to use up to 30 minutes per day for more severe pain.

Q: Is there any professional assistance required?

In order to use Neck Hammock no professional assistance is required.

Q: What is included with my order?

Yes, your Neck Hammock purchase comes with: 

  • 1 Neck Hammock 
  • 1 Travel Bag 
  • 1 Eye Mask 
  • 1 Door Hanger

Conclusion: Is it worth it?

Absolutely yes!

The relief and mobility I get back in my neck from using Neck Hammock is incredible. And in only a few minutes right from the comfort and convenience of my home!

If you’re like me and carry a lot of your stress and tension in your back, neck, or shoulders – which has only become worse after working from home – I strongly recommend you give this a try. They offer a free 30-day money-back guarantee so if you decide you don’t like it, you can return it hassle-free.

I also recommend you to take advantage of the very attractive multiple order discounts that Neck Hammock is offering. Why not get one for your loved ones or one for your friends? Take advantage now, since these discounts won't last forever.

How can I order my own Neck Hammock?

At the moment, our readers can get a special discount on the Neck Hammock with $20 OFF. Larger savings of up to 40% off are available if you want to buy for a friend or family member. It is an amazing deal and I’m sure this won't last long…

If it is still available, find out how to get your device here:

  1. Order the Neck Hammock on the official website. The $20 OFF discount is automatically applied.
  2. Experience what a difference Neck Hammock means for your pain!

It's that simple!

Important: Make sure to get it from the official website here - this deal is NOT available on Amazon or Ebay.  Beware of cheap knock offs that can be dangerous for you!

What do others have to say (verified reviews):


"I love my neck hammock!! And clearly, use the least used door in the house or let your family know your using your hammock. Not a problem for me!!!"


"Bought it for my husband who has fused discs in his neck that can't be operated on due to all his 25 years of service in the army. He's in pain all the time and He Loves this and says it helps him tremendously! I am so happy something finally works for him! Praise God for the people who came up with this wonderful neck hammock! "


"This Neck Hammock is the best investment. I have a VERY old neck injury and have always carried stress in my shoulders. Five minutes a day in this amazing device has reduced my chronic pain to nothing, reduced my visits to the chiropractor and made me recognize just how much chronic pain had been impacting how I act!"


"Love, love, love my neck hammock! Couldn't imagine life without it now.. just magical the relief it gives.. 10/10!!"


"I have a neck hammock and i absolutely love it  my poor daughter also suffers with chronic neck pain and i know from my own experience after suffering chronic neck pain for 30 years that she would benefit so much if she had her own, sadly we cant share as we live almost 200 miles apart..i would love her to feel what i feel when i use mine"

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